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Rapid prototyping by MultiFaber

Your single source for custom manufactured
real rapid prototypes to low-volume production
mechanical and sheet metal parts


How it works


Real Prototype and small batches mechanical parts fast procurement specialist. MultiFaber provide made-to-order machined components and sheet metal parts for rapid prototyping, with CNC Milling-Turning and 3D printers. We like small quantities that aren’t of interest to other shops.


Multifaber’s website is devoted to customers looking for immediate quoting and fast delivery for real prototype and small series, from only 5 working days and free of charge! Let’s do the groundwork for you. Stop to waste time with conventional machine shops and waiting for quotations. Focus on your business!


We intelligently route demand to a vetted network of machine shops so you get the fastest turnaround possible at the best price. Leverage excess machine capacity to get real prototype parts and fair prices. We have streamlined the ordering process to help you get real parts for rapid prototyping.

Rapid prototyping by MultiFaber: a innovative and cost effective web service for mechanical prototype procurement


We leverage the power of a distributed network of vetted CNC machining vendors from a single web-platform devoted to rapid prototyping for real parts.


You receive our quote (for free) in few hours, stop managing vendors and let us do the work for you. You may replace several dozens of vendors with only one! The fastest way to get mechanical parts for rapid prototyping.


We delivers prototype sheet metal and machined parts in few days with the quality of every vendor’s parts certified by the “6 sigma quality process”. The rapid prototyping service is guaranteed.


Your parts perfectly fit our system

We received and tested your parts, they perfectly fit our system. Thank you and hope to continue working with you.

A new prototype

We was looking for a vendor to machine some new prototypes, with different technical requirements: milling,turning, laser cutting … Our usual vendors didn’t satisfy such requirements. We found Multifaber: only one competent partner had fulfillment our requirements (price, delivery time, quality and small batches specialist).

Rapid delivery

Parts arrived and I’m very satisfied with turnaround time as well as quality. I appreciate your prompt follow up and services. Excellent work and fast delivery !

Fully satisfied

I ‘m very satisfied with with turnaround time as well as quality. But I was most impressed by the business model of this company. We are suppliers for a major manufacturer of heavy machinery. My co-workers were initially a bit  skeptical about using this new online platform, but now they are enthusiastic for this service!
In short , we have found a new partner to speed up our business.

Not only a new supplier

We had urgency to realize a pre-production batch for a component mounting. We met Multifaber and we achieved them. Result: very rapid delivery, high flexibility and cost effective service. Later , we involved them for product industrialization process:  they provided a innovative solution, obtained with an approach combining high attention to details with new technical solutions. Thank you for excellent and outstanding industrial support.

Mechanical components for rapid prototyping


Leverage the power …

… of a distributed network of suppliers from a single platform. We rapresent a community of machine shops, capabilities and skills to speed up your business development with a fast rapid prototyping service !

Better Quality

Quality is a MUST

You expect services and recommendations from us that will bring you further. To accomplish this, we place great value on quality process: 6 Sigma is the only one method we vet our vendors.

JIT Service

Delivery Reliability

Our Delivery Reliability is like a mantra for us: no delay so far with all our customers! We start from five-days delivery option once your order is confirmed.

You get faster parts for rapid prototyping, our Network gets additional business,

all together increase the competitiveness.

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