• CNC Machine ,
    Finishing Treatment
    for rapid prototyping

    Milling, Turning, Laser Cutting and more …
    Anodizing, galvanic treatment of metal, serigraphy and more …
    CNC bending and more …

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CNC Machine and MultiFaber

We provide made-to-order machined components with
CNC Milling-Turning machines and 3D printers

Your single source for custom manufactured real rapid prototypes to low-volume production mechanical parts
with a remarkable support for the product industrialization process

Real Rapid Prototyping

• Milling,
• Turning,
• Laser Cutting,
• CNC Turret Punching,
• Wire EDM Cutting,
• Rapid Prototyping (3D printing)

Finishing Treatment

• Anodizing and all galvanic treatment of metal
• Brushed Finishing,
• Sanding,
• Painting & Laser Marking,
• Metal and Plastic Serigraphy

Secondary Machining Processes

• CNC Reaming & Countersinking,
• CNC bending,
• Surface Grinding,

Thanks to flexibility of our network, we are able to satisfy all your needs !

• CNC Machine – Lathes enable high speed and high quality turning of both plastics and metals. The turning capacity is available for one-offs through to batch production of your components;
• CNC Machine – Milling allows to machine your parts from the stock material of your choice, in either plastic or metal, both with 3-axis and 5-axis CNC milling machines.

Our customers often require prototypes or small batches which visually look as good as any production part. For that reason MultiFaber offers a wide range of finishing services and large variety of CNC Machine. All finishing operations are performed by very skilled vendors assuring the highest quality standards to our customers.

>>>  Furthermore, we are able to provide a full product industrialization process thanks to wide variety of skills and competences of our vendors network: in this way we can suggest to our customers the most cost effective way to get your parts.

Product industrialization process

MultiFaber may complete the service to our customers with a remarkable support for the product industrialization process. We have multidisciplinary experience and expertise, thanks to wide variety of skills and competences of our vendors network too.
No additional cost is required: our standard is to analyze and suggest to our customer the most cost effective way to get your parts.

Statistical process control documentation

Upon request (just marking the right box when you complete the Quote Request Form) we can provide Statistical process control documentation: this service may be performed for each parts (100%) or just for some. The cost of this service will be quoted apart on our quotation.

We place great value on quality process: 6 Sigma is the only one method adopted within our vendor network.

Cnc Machine: typical worked quantities

Normally we machine:

1-10 pcs for samples – prototype (real or 3D printing);

11-50 pcs for the first production batch ;

50-300 pcs for the low volume production parts;

Sometimes, when the mechanical parts are very small like screws, the lower quantities indicated above may vary upon customer request.

Prototype Machining Capabilties

CNC machining process typically requires design guidelines as follows

CNC Machine – Turning

CNC Lathes with bar capacity up to 75 mm and chucking capacity to 110 mm

CNC Machine – Milling

Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers with maximum sizes X2500 Y800 (mm)

Vertical Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Aluminum and Stainless Steel with maximum thickness of 3 mm, Steel with maximum thickness of 5 mm,

Material we use

Our CNC Machine may work the following materials:

• aluminium,
• steel,
• stainless steel,
• Brass,
• Copper,
• Nylon,
• Acetal,
• Polycarbonat

and more.

Finishing Treatment

MultiFaber offers a wide range of finishing services. All finishing operations are performed by very skilled vendors assuring the highest quality standards to our customers.

Upon request, the finishing treatments may take from 1-2 working days up a couple of weeks: It depends on which treatment is requested.

For example, aluminium anodizing may be completed within 1-2 working days while a SURTEC 650 treatment may takes up to a couple of weeks.

During the product industrialization process, may be necessary to analyze and test some parts (prototype) before to proceed with the rest of production batch scheduled. In order to respond to this requirement, MultiFaber offers the pre-test service: when you are filling out the form, just mark the right box to request the pre-test service (sample).

We will quote apart this service once you receive our quotation.

      6 Sigma Quality

      We are proud to adopt the LEAN 6 SIGMA, the only one quality method focused on process and customer.
      Six Sigma was developed by Motorola in 1986 and is a highly disciplined, structured programme aimed at delivering near perfect products and services by improving processes.  It is used to analyse processes to discover where and how defects occur, measure them and eliminate the problem areas. Six Sigma helps to identify and eliminate costs that provide no value to customers.

      6 Sigma process is the only one method we vet our vendors: the continuous efforts to achieve stable and predictable process results, are the only way to meet requirements of rapid delivery with zero defects.

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