• Mechanical prototype: real as you can get

    Our mission is to provide easy, convenient and low-cost fabrication of mechanical prototype via the web.
    We achieve this by fully leveraging the vendors’ network excess machine capacity, and state-of-the-art machining technologies.

Mechanical prototype : how to get real parts quickly and easily

MultiFaber serve a variety of purposes in many different applications such as:



Most companies have outsourced thousands of parts and are almost always looking for a new company that can do it in few days for working mechanical prototype: this means managing many vendors or machine shops, dealing with multiple emails to transmit drawings, discussing the design, and eventually getting your parts – while adding weeks of delay and costs.
MultiFaber streamlines the ordering process to help you focus on innovating, not managing vendors or getting quotes: get your quote in hours and confirm your PO with just a Click! Get your mechanical prototype at the best price selected from our vendors network quickly and easily. We are the first distributed vendors network to get working mechanical prototype and machining small batches from a single web-platform.

MultiFaber does the work for you: leverage the power of a distributed vendors network to scout new vendors (for free) and add innovative manufacturing solutions to your products. We may put you in conctact with our vendors once you tested the first batch and you need planning full scale production batches.

You get faster and cost effective mechanical prototype, our Network-Vendor gets additional business, all together increase the competitiveness.

Product Designers-Engineers

MultiFaber understands the importance of the product development process. We can assist product designers who use their skills and creativity to develop ideas anc concept for new and useful products. The designer/engineer conjures up ideas for new working mechanical prototype. MultiFaber can help make these concept gets real. Product designers/engineers can use a wide array of materials to create their first parts or original products and MultiFaber has a solution with any of them.

Before a new product can be made it must first be thoroughly analyzed to ensure the quality and technical requirements of the goods. CNC machining allows customers to have a prototype produced out of the real material instead of a photopolymer or polyamide simulant. We machined parts from real blocks or bars of plastic and metal resulting in an improved surface finish, eliminating the stair-stepping inherent in additive processes, making them a significantly higher quality prototype.

Our capabilities, expertise and community provide the building blocks for more efficient manufacturing and support everything technical requirements you need for your parts.