• Cnc milling machine and turning service

    MultiFaber provide made-to-order working prototype with cnc milling machine quickly and easily.
    We provide you with the quickest, most accurate quote possible so that you can continue to move forward with your project.

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Cnc milling and turning machine

Get a quote (for free) and discover the new distribuited vendors network to prototype mechanical parts
and machining small batches

Upload your drawing and receive our rapid quote in few hours. Get your parts in 5 days only!

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      • select delivery option, samples (if required) and the finishing treatment
      • With our latest cnc milling machine and turning machine we help you to get working prototype
Average quote returned in under 4 working hours
    • Average quote returned in under 4 w.h. or early
    • If we see anything needing clarification, we contact you immediately
    • check our quote and feel free to contact us if any additional information is required
Sale Order Confirm
      • Confirm the Sales Order (or send us your PO) and we will do the rest
      • we will manage the production, quality and the delivery with our vendor
      • once your parts are complete, we pick-up, hand inspect, and deliver your parts the same-day via DHL courier

Why ask MultiFaber Prototype Online Quote?


  • Fill in the Form

    • Fill in the Form and upload your drawing
    • Select delivery option, quantities and finishing treatment (if required)
  • Leverage the power of a distributed network

    • Multifaber select the best machining resource within our vendors network: we use a wide variety of cnc milling machine and turning machine
    • We leverage the power of a distributed network to get your machined parts quickly and easily
  • Click and get your parts

    • Check our quote and confirm the Sales Order
    • Get your parts with 100% on-time or early delivery
    • We make working parts with cnc milling machine
      and cnc turning machine

Till yesterday

  • Search for potential vendors

    • Determine type of vendor needed
    • Evaluate vendor information (quality and reliability)
    • Send design to vendor
  • Wait for

    • Wait for technical feedback from vendor
    • Make design clarifications and corrections and send final design
    • Wait for price quotation
    • Call for status of price quotation
    • Wait for quotations from other vendors
    • Compare quotations
    • Discuss with vendor ways to change design to optimize price
    • Make vendor selection and send purchase order
  • Costs and Lead Time

    • Lead Time: hours or days
    • Admin time cost: HIGH
    • … and your Core Business and opportunities ?

A really fast and cost-effective way for custom manufactured real rapid prototypes to low-volume production mechanical parts


MultiFaber intelligently manage a vendors network, respecting the delivery time and technical requirements, at the best price with just a Click.


The idle resources, capabilities and skills compete to offer a innovative and cost effective web service.


We leverage the power of a distributed network of vetted CNC machining vendors from a single web-platform to get working prototype.


We delivers prototype sheet metal and machined parts in few days with the quality of every vendor’s parts certified by the 6 Sigma Quality Process.


There is not a service charge for this service: when a short delivery option is selected, we will expect less opportuny within our network only.

Yes, we may put you in conctact with our vendors once you tested the first batch and you need planning full scale production batches. To learn more about this topic do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Small or medium machine shop, used to work unique part numbers and small batches with great expertise and technology. They produce custom manufactured parts in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Meeting the needs of our customers, our vendors are well-equipped with top-of-the line CNC milling machine and turning machine, capable of holding high-precision tolerances.

Whether you want to prevent potential conflict between the respective vendors, just adding some notes into the our Quote Request Form (see box: Note). E.g. Do not ask quote and send drawings to machine shop located in …